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Stuck. Mixed Media

Dervla O'Flaherty is an Irish artist working with paint and wood. 

She graduated from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin (NCAD) in 2012 with a BA (hons) in Fine Art Painting & Art History. She completed postgraduate studies in Fine Art at Cyprus College of Art, Paphos (CCA) in 2014. She has undertaken recent projects as an artist-in-residence in Ireland, India, Iceland and Hungary. 

In her painting, symbolic references and instinctual mark making are used to build up and inhabit wild new places.

Each painting is a journey to an unknown place, actively mapping experiential terrain, no clue where it will lead until we get there. Methods of coating and recoating, removing and overlapping material drive the process, collaging elements from the familiar onto the unknown. Anything could happen, says the poet CD Wright, in the strange cities of the mind.



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